Firmware Update on RAK7204

I just received a couple of new RAK7204’s. They did not work due to an error with the firmware. Searched the forum and one of the topics said that the error would be fixed by upgrading to a later version of the firmware. So upgraded to version Ending up having to reload the firmware twice and the boot loader once on both units as they did not respond on the first reload.

Anyway the first problem was fixed, but now I get a message ‘LIS3DH init Error’ on both units and still not getting the units to register on LoraServer. This has taken me hours of work and downloading of multiple forms of software - was expecting the units to fire up after 5 minutes of configuration!

Also what happens in two years when the battery runs out? Is there a replacement that one can order, as this will be a big issue in two years time.

I wrote too soon. Have got one of the units to register.

Also the new Micro Gateways are great.

Hi @ArawataBill Do not hesitate to use the forum and ask. This is a new device in this field and the there will be some problems or bugs. The team is working as fast as possible to fix them all.

For battery replacement you can refer to local stores, but i will ask if they will be available in our shop.


Thanks for the quick reply. Local stores may have batteries, but will not have the leads attached as per the current setup. When these things are in the field they will need a spare set of batteries that can act as a quick and easy replacement. In fact, would be good if they could be provided with a spare set of batteries as when have hundreds of them in the field will want a spare set sitting beside the unit.

I spoke too soon in regard to the unit working. If worked once then stopped. The RAK5205 was very easy to get going, but seem to be having a lot more issues with the 7204 even though they appear to be identical units

RAK7204 is condensed version from RAK5205, its works simplely than RAK5205.
You said get a message ‘LIS3DH init Error’ ,i think you maybe flash RAK5205 has specialized firmware for RAK7204.

As @leopold mention, can you check that the bootloader and firmware are download from here

Thanks, yes made that mistake. Was playing with both the 5205 and the 7204 and got them mixed up.

Just as a suggestion, would be good if they could use more distinctive names or even have the number written on the units


Yes,this two firmwares are similar indeed. But the initialization log is different:
Thanks for your suggestion.