Flash latest firmware with ST-Link


I’m testing a bunch of RAK3172 Breakout Boards and having trouble upgrading the firmware from 1.0.4 to the latest with RUI3.
With the DFU-Tool, the upgrade times out and i’m left with a non functioning device. However, reflashing the 1.0.4 firmware (hex file) through STM32Cube programmer worked and the device was accesible again.

Is there a hex file of the latest firmware available, so it can be flashed through ST-Link?

HI @avathar
yes there is please find it here, and use the cube programmer to flash it.



@avathar ,

To be more specific here is the .hex download link - https://downloads.rakwireless.com/RUI/RUI3/Image/RAK3172-E_latest_final.hex

We are currently updating the docs to include the .hex file so users can easily see it.

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Thank you both, i discovered the image soon after i wrote the post :sweat_smile:

I also tried upgrading the module through the ST-Link UART, which is also working, in contrast to my USB-Serial Adapter.

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