Frequency specificity on RAK4260 module

I ordered 20 sample RAK4260 parts - 10 for the EU868 band and 1 for the US915 band. Don’t ask how, but they have become mixed up and I no longer know which parts are for which frequency.

However, there are no markings on the parts to suggest that they are different and the part number is the same. Does this matter at all or are the two parts identical? Is there any way I can tell from the part (either by the DevEUI, by visual inspection, by measuring with a multimeter or by powering up and running code) which band the part is for (or, again, does it actually matter)?

Many thanks


Hi @stefan_bare,
As you can read here, in the key features, RAK4600 " Fully supported 862 to 1020 MHz frequency coverage (all LoRaWAN® bands)":

Nope it doesn’t.

Thank you @Nikola - I didn’t think it would matter, but wanted to check that there wasn’t some strange band-specific matching going on in the module, or an unchangeable ROM setting. Is there a reason that ordering the module requires you to select a specific frequency plan from the dropdown box?

Hi @stefan_bare,
We require this information to make sure what the customer wants to buy.
For example, if you order a gateway and RAK4600 and you have selected different bands, that means that you may have mistaken one of the bands selected.

Great - I understand perfectly - thank you! Looking forward to bringing up the board I have designed for these.