Gateway frequency setting question


We are testing by setting the chirpstack to fix the DR value to 0.

However, the DR value is still communicating at 5, so I checked it in the gateway setting to remove the frequency, but it cannot be deleted.

922.1 MHz
922.3 MHz
922.5 MHz
Please let me know if there is any way to remove the above frequency from the gateway or set it to chirpstack to set the above frequency value to DR 0

If your goal is to change the DR of the end device’s uplink messages, then you need to change configurations on your end-device, i.e. turn off adaptive data rate (ADR) and specify a fixed data rate setting. Note also that the LoRaWAN regional parameters specify fixed data rates for the Join Procedure.

If you are interested in changing the downlink data rate, then this topic might be interesting for you: RAK7289CV2 | Cannot Change Downlink RX2 Data Rate

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