GNSS antenna power consumption for RAK8212

We are having problems with RAK8212 about power consumption in idle state.

Among other issues, we have seen that by only attaching the GNSS antenna (the one provided with the module) the current is increased by 10 mA, even if the BG96 is switched off.

Can you please tell me if there is a way to avoid this?

Best regards

Hi @gcutri,

We’ll release a new firmware for RAK8212/RAK8212-M next week.
This version have some improvement on power consumption, and you can test again using this version.

Hi Fomi,

I am trying to download the latest firmware 3.0.0 from your website in order to reduce power consumption and it looks the file are damaged when I try to open them.

Thanks in advance.
Saul Davila

Hi @SackDaGo
I just try to download both M and nonM firmware and both downloads well.
You download from here RAK8212/M Firmware , right?

Hi Velev,

Ok, I was trying to open it with WinRAR, WinZIP and PeaZip and for some reason they do not like that file, but using another program (7Zip) it worked.

My mistake!
Thanks for your support!