GPS read with API has an offset

GPS read with API has an offset

A RAK5010 board with firmware based on Products_practice_based_on_RUI)/[based on RAK5010]/RAK5010

When I read position with the function rui_gps_get(), I always read a position which has an offset. The precission of the readings is good, because if I move around outdoors, the relative readings are ok, but there is always an offset.

The offset is around 60-70km.

Is it necessary to calibrate or configure anything?


Maybe you can refer to this:

Thanks, I will try that.

Anyway, I am currently registered with GPRS not int Cat-M1, so I presume the presume the problem is not in that direction.

OK, What I mean is register to net maybe help the gnss function. Other way is use the gpsOneXTRA function to enhance gnss. We also support user send bg96 at with rui_cellular_send, which transmits bg96 at command directly. How to use it is in app_task.c. You can refer to it and send gnss at with the api, nor with rui_gps_get.