Help quectel bg96 please

Hello everyone I’m new members I hope I’m in the right place trying to find help normally I do electronic motor start circuit breakers, calculators etc. I use google translate to discuss with you it is possible that there are small translation errors. so if I can help someone in my turn I am new to all this (iot lte) I have 3 iot models for the moment I start with this one I would like to be able to connect to usb to communicate with the quectel bg96 of an iot to replace the server info to give me my server info could you help me I have the photo related to the card having the quectel bg96 are pinouts on the side of the pcb



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Welcome to RAK forum @Kamel76 ,

It seems you want to create your own PCB for BG96. On that note, we cannot support you here at RAK forum but maybe you can address it to Quectel or get some documentation from them.

Unless if you are using the RAK5010 (that has the BG96 module), on this specific board we can support.