Help with interfacing ESP32 and FT232 with RAK2011

I need help with setting up a RAK2011 with an ESP32 and FT232; I’ve been checking the other topics about similar issues, and even after following most of the tips/solutions it still does not work.
I have a RAK2011, it works fine by AT with the RAK2011 USB Port, QCOM Tools and Arduino UNO, and it sends just fine, problem starts when i try with the ESP32 and FTDI:

I would be sharing my connection pics and Code;

Any help pictures and videos would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance


Solution of the above Problem: Issue between BJ96 and ESP32 communication was that of LOGIC LEVEL , as BJ96 HIGH level is 5V whereas ESP32 HIGH level supports 3.3V . So we used LOGIC LEVEL CONVERTER between UARTS of BJ96 (HIGH LEVEL) and UARTS of ESP32 (LOW LEVEL). This solution solved our Problem.

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