How can ı communicate via p2p with RAK3172 without RUI3 (JUST STM CUDE IDE))

Hi guys, in my new project; i am searching to communicate via p2p with both rak3172 devices. Bu, i just wanted to know that, do ı have any chance to make it with old firmware version of RAK3172 not RUI3.

Is there any SDK for peer to peer communication with RAK3172?

Hi @tortudereli ,

The old firmware of RAK3172 and RUI3 shares almost the same AT command set for LoRa P2P. The old firmware of RAK3172 has no SDK that you can use directly, only RUI3.

If via STM32CubeIDE, you need to use the STM32WL package from ST. The latest version is 1.2.0. We provide the radio related source files so that RAK3172 will be compatible to this but we do not support the development itself.

You can find it in the low level development guide - RAK3172 Module Low Level Development Reference | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Carl, ı wanted to program it with just using C. And i didnt find any p2p example for stm32wl, do you have any? I dont want to use at commands.

Hi @tortudereli ,

The firmware of RAK3172 is based on RUI3. Most of the AT commands are accessible via RUI3 API using Arduino. These are the LoRa P2P RUI3 APIs LoRaWAN | RAKwireless Documentation Center

If you will use STM32CubeIDE and not RUI3, we will not be able to support you because the example codes are provided by STmicroelectronics not us. You can download the STM32WL Software package from STmicroelectronics website.

These are their P2P examples for LoRa and FSK.