How can i use i2c for VL53L0X in RAK3172

Hello guys, i have dfrobots VL53L0X TOF sensor. I have read the docs for this sensor and i couldn’t capable to use with RAK3172. Can you hand me some example codes about it?

We have the same TOF sensor on our WisBlock product line RAK12014 WisBlock ToF Sensor | object detection and distance measurement – RAKwireless Store

If your goal is to make ToF sensor LoRa enabled, we have sample codes for that (not for RAK3172 but for our WisBlock Cores). Datasheet and quick start guide can be found here. I hope this can be helpful to you.

Hello carl, i didn’t see a VL53L0X example code. And please, can you tell me how i open i2c in RAK3172?

You can check it here WisBlock/examples/common/IO/RAK12014_VL53L0X_Laser_Radar at master · RAKWireless/WisBlock · GitHub.

But you need a WisBlock Core on that and not RAK3172.

We have a RAK3172-E where you can fit the RAK12014 sensor but we have no ready code for that at the moment. But we will release a new firmware development framework for the RAK3172 next week that allow you to use I2C via Arduino compatible APIs. It is part of our Spring Launch event. You can sign in if you want so you wont miss it.

But if you need direct I2C configuration/control of the STM32WL inside the RAK3172, you will need to check that on STM32 Programming Reference guide from their website.