How to add i2c and use it in stm32wl sdk?

Guys, when ı try to use i2c connectivity , ı can not include i2c in my project. How should i do it?

We cannot support the STM32Cube SDK and its examples. You will have to address this question to STM directly.

Maybe our RUI3 is an option for you?

RUI3 is an API that makes it easy to develop custom firmware for RAK modules. It handles the complete low level hardware interface and the firmware can be written with Arduino framework style API calls.

It supports the following IDE’s:

Arduino IDE
Visual Studio with Arduino extension
Visual Studio Code with Arduino extension

Here are the links to the documentation and examples source codes:
RUI3 overview: RAKwireless Unified Interface V3 (RUI3) | RAKwireless Documentation Center
RUI3 API documentation: Arduino API | RAKwireless Documentation Center
RUI3 BSP installation guide: RUI3 Supported IDE | RAKwireless Documentation Center
RUI3 BSP examples: RAK-nRF52-RUI/libraries/RUI_V3_examples at main · RAKWireless/RAK-nRF52-RUI · GitHub

Other RUI3 examples: