How to config the LoRa network server and application server on RAK7258 (LoRa gateway built in LoRa Network server)?

Dear @Fomi Now I update firmware V1.1.0039_Release_r164 on RAK7258. It is built in LoRa Network Server. Please advise to config LoRa network server and Application Server.

Thank you.

@yutao Please give some advice about it, thank you!

@pramualkr you configured the application server?

In the same boat as you guys!

I am wondering what is causing this?

Hi @LoRaD It will be good to start a new topic in the correct category :slight_smile: Can you give us some information about what you want to achieve? From the image, I can understand that you are using a very old LoRaServer, but nothing more…

Greeting velev!
OK, my problem is that the RAK7258 is not connecting with the ChirpStack.
I am not seeing my gateway as seen below:

I readjusted the command:

sudo systemctl start lora-gateway-bridge


sudo systemctl start chirpstack-gateway-bridge

and I got promising output of:

The problem still persists despite following everything in the AWS ChirpStack Tutorial.
Do you have any idea how to resolve it? Appreciated

This thread is about the RAK7258’s built in server; you seem to be trying instead to configure the gateway functionality of a RAK7258 connected one to an external server which is a distinct topic.

And things such as log rotation or internal configuration issues on your ubuntu box hosting that server have nothing to do with the gateway at all.

Chris and Todor,
My bad, thought it had something to do with the Concentrators. I [created another thread here] but no one replied so I branched out(RAK7258 Not Connecting To ChirpStack [AWS Config])
Just to be sure, this is how the system log should appear yes?