How to configure RAK7249 to connect with MQTT.fx software

I can’t connect RAK 7249 to MQTT.fx client software.

On my RAK7249 I don’t have the option: build in lora server. Why?

Is this the reason why I can’t commit myself?

Thanks in advance for the help.

If you want to claim the decrypted output of the network server, then you need to be looking on the output side of things.

The settings screen you show is instead that which controls pointing the gateway packet forwarder at the input side of the built in server.

To get your data, you need to either point your MQTT client at the gateway as the broker, or else go to the network server configuration page and change the output MQTT to point to an external broker you want to use.

But do not change the page you are showing or change the network server gateway MQTT - if you do that, it will stop working entirely.