How to flash the program in Rak3172 using ST-LINK/V2

Recently I am using RAK3172. Here I am using STM32 CUBE IDE and STM32 utility because I want to flash the program in RAK3172 using ST-LINK /V2 Clone.
Firstly ST-LINK connection with RAK3172
ST-link RAK3172
GND pin–>GND
And gave an external power of 3.3 Volts to RAK3172 .
so when I opened the stm32 ST link utility. I got that the Error “No ST-LINK detected”.
Can you please help me to solve this problem ?

Welcome to the forum @Namma

Your connections are ok, but

Points towards a problem with your “cloned” ST-Link.

but When I didn’t connect the reset to NRST. I got the serial number but target was not available.

Can you flash without reset connected?

I don’t know .
may you please explain me about it?

Keep reset disconnected from the RAK3172 and ST-Link.
Connect the other lines, including BOOT0
power up the 3.3V
check if your ST-Link is available and flash the firmware

OK ,thank you let me check?

Hello Sir,
I saw one more result that all the connection was as usual as before I described. I connected a reset circuit with RAK3172 .so when I pressed the reset button I got the port and target device both .but when I released the reset then I didn’t get port and target device too. if I pressed the reset button continuously and try to flash the hex file I got the error “Core is held in reset”.

No idea what’s wrong. I have no ST-Link, so I cannot test.

Maybe someone else who owns a ST-Link can help.