How to get the RAK3172 LoRaWan MAC Version that's loaded on the module?

Hello guys,
is the version shown here corresponds to the MAC LoRaWan version?

meaning should i choose V1.0.4 in TTN? if the answer is yes then what should we choose for the regional parameters version?
Maybe this should be added into the Version reply.

My Recommendation is as follow:


reply should be as an example:

RAK3172-H Version: V1.04 Feb 18 2022
LoRaWan MAC:1.04 RPV: 1.0.3 Rev A

at least one would know what version to Target as a MAC.


RAK3172 uses MAC version 1.0.3

The version number shown at boot is the firmware version and has nothing to do with the LoRaMAC version.

It’s in the Docs with much more information, for example that your firmware version will be replaced soon.

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