How to know the DR when ADR ON

Hello everyone :nerd_face:

When using ADR with RAK3172 the DR is controlled by the network (obviously), but for battery autonomy estimation it’s important to know which DR every message is using (because there is a lot of difference between the current consumption for SF12 and SF7).

And it looks like the command “AT+DR=?” does not work when ADR ON. And I didn’t find any other commands or information on this subject.

So… My device need to calculate it’s battery status to send to the cloud application, and knowing which DR/SF every message is using is tremendous important. Can someone help me out in this matter?

Will be fixed in RUI3 V4.0.4 that should be officially released next week.


We are looking forward to the new version.
Any news about the V4.0.4 release?

Still under test. We are hoping next week if no other problem is found.