How to send more than 119 byte payload over AT commands

I have a RAK811 development board I am interfacing with using AT commands over USB. I see in the RAK811_AT_Command_Manual_V1.0.pdf section 1.2 it says there is a 255 character limit for AT commands including the terminating characters.

The command to send data over lora is at+send=lora:#:<data>\r\n where # is a 1-digit port number. This takes 17 characters leaving 238 characters for the data which is in hex meaning an effective payload limit of 119 bytes.

At DR3 (SF7125K in USA) I should be able to send around 200 bytes. Is it possible to send payloads of over 119 bytes using AT commands?


This AT command is not support,

But you can send around 200 bytes by RUI port.

Thanks Nicholas,

Can you point me to some documentation on using RUI?


You can refer this web,
Hope help you!

119 bytes would be at the huge end of the LoRaWAN payload size. The average of my devices is around 16 bytes.

See for some info.

Can you break your payload down, use different ports to differentiate the different payloads, send smaller packets of the faster changing sensors & the occasional packet of slower changing items. Or byte pack the data to make it smaller?