How to use the RAK3172's Continuous Lora mode

Hi guy,
How can I use the RAK3172’s continuous lora mode. In RUI3 I found no information about it. Does the RAK3172 support continuous wave mode? If so, how can I do it?
Thank you

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What do you mean with continuous mode?

What I know is that continuous mode is used for certifications, not for data transmission. The AT commands for it are in the RF Test section of the RUI3 AT command manual.

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Yes, that’s what I want. Besides AT command, can I enable this mode in arduino IDE. If yes, how can I do it?

No, these functions are not exposed in the API.

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Perhaps use it in Class C mode ? if power is not a problem in your application :wink:

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Class C is for receiving transmitted data, and I want my node to be able to broadcast continuously

What do you mean by Broadcast ? Are you sure to know how Lora works ?