How to Use Ubidots as a (Free) Test Server for RAK5010

I tried to use Ubidots as a test server for RAK5010.

The motivation here is sometimes IoT developers do not have a server setup yet so there must be a free alternative online. There are many IoT platforms possible and Ubidots is one.

To do this, you need to configure your RAK5010 according to this guide:

But you need to change the IP address and Port so that it will point to the IP:Port of Ubidots which is

As an example, I will configure my RAK5010 with this: at+set_config=cellular: Prepaid:SMART Pr:internet:0.
I am here in the Philippines and I use SMART network with APN = internet. As you see, I use the IP and Port of Ubidots.

Then you need to format your payload based on the accepted format of Ubidots.

Let’s say I will transfer some DC voltage value 3.3v. I will do that by sending this command:

BBFF-U6EOcgH5Y7w185LiG7bPLE5Wi6lNXX is the API key from my Ubidots account.
sensor1 is the device name.
voltage is the parameter.

For more info on TCP payload for Ubidots, here’s their documentation:

You now view your data and even create a wonderful dashboard in Ubidots.

This should both work for RAK5010 and RAK5010-M.

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