I Don see Rak10701 Display Issues

RAK 10701 NSSI, SNR, Distance Display Issues

Dear Technical,

I’m seeking assistance with NSSI, SNR, and Distance display issues on my RAK 10701 device. I’ve tried troubleshooting but the issue persists.

Please advise on how to rectify this.

Thank you,
Trung Anh.VIOT

I followed the instructions and am having trouble with the LoRaWAN Payload Decoder


@anh.nguyen , please try to use the decoder for Chirpstack V4 that I sent you via email/zendesk support and update us if that fixed the decoding problem.

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I changed the code and waited for 8 hours. still no result

Rak10701 - Google Tài liệu

I have summarized the process and code file. Please double check . Thank you

The payload coming from Chirpstack makes no sense.
In you screenshot it says payload is AAAAAAAAAAAAAA== (Base 64) which translates to 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
But that is not a valid payload from the RAK10701.

Can you get the payload shown in Chirpstack?


Last payloads look okay.
Does decoder work now?
What did you change?

-I have reconnected, redo from step 1.
Data correct results
-decoder not working

That is strange, if I put your payload into the decoder I am running on Datacake, it works.

Can you share the complete content of the webhook data you received:

In the network server settings in Datacake, did you select the correct Chirpstack version?

I chose the correct version

webhook data

Is the attached decoder the same you are using right now?
decoder.zip (1.8 KB)

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The encoder is working

Decoder still doesn’t work

I don’t know why, but your payload is wrong again.

This is not a problem with the Datacake decoder. Your RAK10701 sends a wrong payload.
The payload TFYuJA== ==> 4c 56 2e 24 is too short. It should be 10 bytes long.

I don’t know why it would do this.

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Is this Dev EUI from rak10701 ?

And what should i check from rak10701

You need to check in your RAK10701. I cannot (and should not) know the DevEUI

I checked devEUI , AppEUI,AppKey .it’s correct .can u utraview check wixtool box ?

and what is next step ?

Can you check the firmware version on your RAK10701?
I am using V1.1.2, which is the latest (I think).
Send through the WisToolBox console
It should return something like

Field TesterVersion: v1.1.2
Build Time  Feb 28 2024  19:54:29