IAQ RAK7204 Parameters

Hi, we have just bought a RAK7204 and is not very clear the IAQ parameters. Could you please help me. I can see that is gas resistance data, but in which way. Do you have more information about it? I have two parameters: Analog IN 4 and Analog IN 8 with range between 60-30 it depends if is outside or insede and 3,6x each one.
Thank you

Hi! We are talking about it right here: RAK 7204 LPP Payload - Indoor Air Quality

Hi! Yes, I saw it, but we need to know which paramenters we are talking about and in which

AIN4:the air resistance value,uint:kohm.
AIN8:battery voltage,unit:V

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Hello again,
Ok, thank you very much, only one question more, which parameter is the air resistance conversion? PM-10 or PM-2.5.