Incomplete order recived!

Can someone please help me for the love of god… Ive sent emails, instsgram messages etc about my order and noone wants to help me.

Order was incomplete, only received two antennas and the rest of the order is missing.

Order #43267

Please help. I needed those parts this week.


@Mathostx The sales team is checking on this. They will reach you as soon as possible.

Thank you I appreciate it.


So today again I get an email after all these days of checking with the “team”…
Rosalia tells me to send pictures again…

I had already done that on instagram. Come on guys… jesus.

Or just give me a return label and Ill send the antennas back just give me my money back if that’s easier for you guys.

Still no reply today from customer service.

Can someone please help?


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