Is at+band=8-1-jp still available?

Dear Rack team,
I am developing software using RAK3172 and ardino.

RAK Documentation Center

RAK3172 evaluation board
The RAK3172-E is a WisDuo evaluation board for the RAK3172 module using the STM32WLE5CC SoC chip.

I sent the following using RAK_SERIAL_PORT_TOOL_V1.2.1.exe.



Is RUI_4.0.5_RAK3172-E still not compatible with AT+BAND=8-1-JP?
(I thought it was possible because the AT+ command manual was updated on 23/05/08)

Hello otomo,

You are looking into the wrong AT command manual. This format is deprecated since more than a year.

Please check the new RUI3 based AT command manual in our Documentation Center RUI3

Japan is now at+band=10

Dear Rack team,
Mr. beegee

Thank you for your reply.
It was an old AT command. Excuse me.


Does it support carrier sense (LBT)? What are your future plans?
I heard that it will be supported in RUI_4.0.4.

I could only check the release notes up to RUI_4.0.4

March 14, 2023

LBT was added in V4.0.0 already:

You can find the changelog in the Downloads Center where the firmware images are.

The news center is not always on the latest status.

Dear Rack team,
Mr. beegee

Thank you for your reply.