Is there any way push data from node to MQTT?

Hi, community,
I have node RAK3172, and I have the account MQTT.
So I wonder if we have this device available (same gateway) to help me push data from many nodes (nodes designed by me) to my MQTT account?
If not, I’ll make it myself using esp32 but I want something that’s readily available and reliable from the RAK ecosystem

Hi @Nam ,

RAK3172 is based on STM32WL which supports subghz wireless protocols - lora, sigfox, wmbus, etc. (RAK FW uses LoRa only). There is no MQTT protocol possible with these.

However, if you use it as a LoRaWAN end-device and connect it to a LoRaWAN network server(LNS), you can integrate the LNS via MQTT.

You can check this MQTT integration example which uses WisGate Edge and its built-in LNS.