LoRa Alliance Certification on product using the RAK3172

Hi RAK Support

We are members of the LoRa Alliance and use the RAK3172 Module(Certified Device by LoRa Alliance)

Does anyone have any experience / timescales / costs etc in getting LoRa Alliance Certification on their products that use the RAK3172.

It seems a confusing area !!

Thank You

Paul Humphreys

Hi @dingoxx ,

I believe there is a different process if the module inside is already certified. I already ask our certification engineer about this. I will share whenever I got feedback.


Our engineer told me that you can apply using “Certification by Similarity” also called CBS since you are using RAK3172 which is already certified. This is a cheaper and faster way to get LoRa Alliance certification. But as you know, RAK3172 allows you to have custom firmware. LoRa Alliance will give a checklist that you have to answer which will be the basis if your device qualified for CBS.

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Hi @dingoxx, did you bottom this out? We are in the same position where we need to certify our products with this module in and there is little information around.

What testing did you have to do from a RED/FCC/CE etc point of view…

Also did the fact that the modules had different FW for the different regions impact your testing? i.e. did you have to test each FW/module variant?

Any help would be appreciated…