Lora P2P can not receive data continuously

In example Lora_P2P.ino

If I block the lines of code like below I can’t get the data continuously. I only get the first 1 frame after resetting.

As far as I understand:
The locked code is only relevant to sending packets. Why does it affect the reception of incoming packets?

How can I receive packets continuously.

void loop()
uint8_t payload[] = “payload”;
bool send_result = false;

//if (rx_done) {
//    rx_done = false;
//    while (!send_result) {
//        send_result = api.lorawan.psend(sizeof(payload), payload);
//        Serial.printf("P2P send %s\r\n", send_result ? "Success" : "Fail");
//        if (!send_result) {
//            Serial.printf("P2P finish Rx mode %s\r\n", api.lorawan.precv(0) ? "Success" : "Fail");
//            delay(1000);
//        }
//   }



This is the full code:

Thank you.

The example code you are pointing to is setting RX mode for 3000ms in the setup():

If you need continuous RX mode, you need to change the time in precv
Check the API documentation for precv to select the correct value you need:

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I really don’t have the patience to read the docs before using it.
I’m sorry about that and will learn to do some research before asking questions.

Thank you!

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