LoRA P2P signals

Hey guys, So i have been using RAK3172 custom board and I’m running the example LoRA P2P script on it using Arduino IDE. I’m tracking current consumption by the board while sending LoRa signals. It turns out to me that the LoRa signal takes roughly 13.7 seconds to send. Initially when I started running the same script, the time taken was 900 ms across multiple RAK3172 custom boards. But after working with it for some hours, the LoRa psend time was 13.7seconds as mentioned.
The steps I have done so far:

Hi @nikhil ,

I did some test and I am not getting the same scenario you have.

This is my LoRa P2P example on RUI3 3.5.4.

Can you share me the firmware version you are using? Also do you have 2 boards doing ping-pong continuously or you only have one? What is shown on your serial terminal? Did you do any modification on the code example (if yes, can you share me the code so I can try it on my setup?)

This is typical of a very very very low bandwidth. You are probably at BW 7.8 or similar. 11 bytes + preamble at this BW, plus SF 12, takes indeed 13 seconds.

There was a change in the firmware for BW settings, from 125, 250, 500 to 0 to 9.

Bandwidth {0=125, 1=250, 2=500, 3=7.8, 4=10.4, 5=15.63, 6=20.83, 7=31.25, 8=41.67, 9=62.5}

You might be at BW 3. Please check your setup code.