Lora_pkt_fwd and loragwbridge logs

Hi all,

Device: RAK7258 LTE, firmware version LoRaGateway_1.1.0053_Release_r187

I would like to enable, keep and store logs generated from lora_pkt_fwd and loragwbridge. Can I ask is it possible to do that and how?

lora_pkt_fwd logs should look like this as standard Semtech packet forwarder:

loragwbridge should look like this as standard Brocaar lora gateway bridge:


Hi @pauldeng This is not like that. RAK7258 is based on OpenWRT and packet forwarder and gateway bridge are not those like in Pi. You can watch and get all this info if you use Debug level in gateway settings.
@yutao can add something more here?


Hi Todor and Yutao,

Thanks for your support.
I am using Lorix One, but would love to move to RAK products.

The reason I am asking this question is that it is one of our business requirements, all messages should be logged. In Lorix One, I logrotate both pkt-fwd and lora-gateway-bridge application to microsd card. I hope RAK can provide the same level of function.