Uplink Packet Loss

Hi all,

I am testing RAK7258 4GLTE 433, Firmware version 1.1.0056_Release r193.

Here is my test setup:

  • I have an end device on the same table with the RAK7258, proximity 5cm apart. RSSI and SNR is high, -26 and 12.8.
  • The end device sends packets periodically (2 per minutes) and RAK7258 forward packets to MQTT broker in the cloud

I subscribe MQTT to check the received packets, I observe packet loss:

  • Expect to receive 20 packets, but only get 11 packets

I have no way to trace which part was not working properly which leads to the reported issue: Lora_pkt_fwd and loragwbridge logs

My question is, do you see a similar issue?