LoRaWAN AT Commands

I am using the RAK3272S module. I loaded the LoRaWAN_AT_Slave code inside the microcontroller. I get the OK response to the AT command, but it doesn’t respond to any other AT commands. The response is AT_ERROR. What should I do?

Hello @hans11

What commands are you trying? It works fine for me.

Hi Hans,

LoRaWAN_AT_Slave is an example from the STM32Cube?

They use different AT commands (if at all), not our RAK3172 AT commands. You have to check the with the STM32 documentation if it supports AT commands and how they look like.

We cannot support STM’s example codes here.

Hello Bernd

Yes LoRaWAN_AT_Slave is an example of STM32 given on RAK official site. What do I need to do to use all AT commands. Thank you very much for your help.

Hi Simply flash the RAK3172 RUI3 firmware:

make sure you read the docs here as that software has old AT commands:


I have installed the software on several different RAK3272S Breakout Boards, but I still cannot get a response to AT commands.

RUI3 baudrate is 115200.
Change the baudrate and it should work.

Make sure you check the AT commands for RUI3.
The pre-loaded AT commands of the RAK Serial Tool are not working with RUI3.
You can type the new commands on the left side and then push the save button to re-use them the next time you start the tool