LoRaWAN Datarate question


We are conducting LoRaWAN communication test, and we want to change the data rate because the communication is not smooth.

The datarate was set to 0 to confirm that communication was normal.

■ Set DataRate “0”

After setting up DataRate, I checked that it was sent normally to DR 0
At the second transmission, it was confirmed that it was transmitted to DR 5.

So I’m wondering how I can get the DR value to be transmitted only to zero.

Hello Song,

If the datarate is changing by itself, it is most likely that on your LoRaWAN server the ADR (adaptive data rate) function is enabled and the LoRaWAN server is requesting the device to use a different data rate.

You cannot disable ADR on the device, it has to be disabled in the LoRaWAN server. How it is disabled, depends on the LoRaWAN server.

Thank you.

I’m using chirpstack, and I’ll look into it. Thank you.

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