Low development reference for 3172-SiP


You have a guide for the 3172 here

Do you plan on having the same kind of guide for the 3172-SiP ?
(Or maybe you already have it but I didn’t see it accessible from this page or from anywhere else on your site).


The low level development guide for RAK3172-SiP still needs to be updated. However, you can follow the RAK3172 guide but use these RF source files instead. RAK3172 and RAK3172-SiP are totally different on their RF and Oscillator.

RAK3172_SIP_radiofiles.zip (4.6 KB)

Thanks. Do you have any plan to update the guide taking into account SDK v1.3.0?

Any plans for SDK 1.3.0?

Hi @xornix ,

I will find time this week to check if all steps will be fine with v1.0.3. Btw, @danak6jq has a good port of RAK3172 for STM32CubeIDE here - GitHub - danak6jq/RAK3172: Port of STM32WLxx example for RAK3172. Might be interesting for you.

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Only the radio files are changing?
So there is no startup_stm32wle5ccux.s as in the non SIP low development version ? @carlrowan

Hi @tfa ,

The chip of RAK3172-SiP is different. Please use this startup file (you need to extract the zip).

startup_stm32wle5jcix.zip (3.1 KB)

This file is generated on STM32CubeIDE version 1.15.0