Minicom - no such file or directory but ttyAMA0 exists

[email protected]:~ $ sudo systemctl stop rak-pppd
[email protected]:~ $ sudo minicom -D ttyAMA0 -b 921600
minicom: cannot open ttyAMA0: No such file or directory
[email protected]:~ $ sudo systemctl start rak-pppd
[email protected]:~ $ sudo minicom -D ttyAMA0 -b 921600
Device ttyAMA0 is locked.
[email protected]:~ $

Rak2013 is working just fine. Service starts on boot up and runs just fine. I have no issues with the functionality of the device just not sure why I can’t talk to the modem. If the service is running then the serial port is locked. If it is not running then I somehow there isn’t a ttyAMA0 device?

[email protected]:~ $ ls /dev/
autofs         loop4         ram2     tty17  tty41  tty9       vcsm-cma
block          loop5         ram3     tty18  tty42  **ttyAMA0**    vcsu
btrfs-control  loop6         ram4     tty19  tty43  ttyprintk  vcsu1

But as you can see i still have it in my /dev when I look at it. Any thoughts on this? I’m at a loss. Thanks.

I figured it out and will just let everyone know what a rookie mistake I made. But just in case anyone makes the same dumb mistake here is the solution:
sudo minicom -d /dev/ttyAMA0 -b 921600
I was not putting the /dev/ and so it could not find the device. facepalm

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