Minimum Vdd for RAK3172

Both SX1262 and STM32WLE5CC can go as low as 1.8 input voltage. From datasheet RAK3172 module can´t go lower than 2V.
Please explain the reason why this limit exists. Thanks.

Welcome to RAK forum @hr_drut ,

I will confirm this with the design team. You actually have a valid point. I’ll get back to you as soon as I got the clarification :+1:

I have talked to our R&D team and they encounter unstable performance under 2V. We have no special brownout implemented in our code so you can still use up to 1.8V but you have to test the performance if still acceptable in your application.

Thanks Carl for your prompt reply. We would definitely benefit each other if you can disclose the PCB layout of the module. In any case I will try to get my hands on one of them and do some further testing.

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