Modification of RAK2245 to make RAK7243C

I am working on a home project to make a LoRaWAN gateway that can also use cellular service when not connected to Wi-Fi. I read about the RAK7243C but did not see that a user must purchase the actual RAK7243C instead of creating one with the Raspberry Pi 3b+, RAK2245 and RAK2013. Because the RAK7243C is now out of stock, I have been searching for a solution in modifying my RAK2245 to allow for the use of the RAK2013 with the board.

I found a post on here where a RAKwireless Staff member @velev, told a user that the RAK2245 can be modified to allow this by removing the R153 and R154 resistors from the module. He also include a picture of where these are located. However, I can’t find any additional documentation to clarify what I should be looking for, or resources that go deeper into the hardware schematics of the RAK2245. Can anyone help me? @velev Do you have anymore documents?

The original post I found is listed here: RAK2013 and RAK2245. Difference with RAK7243C?

Hi @dcurry the RAK2245 is not an open hardware product, that is why no schematics are available.
The RAK2013 uses the UART of the RPi for communication and the RAK2245 for the GPS. The RPi has only one UART! Removing the resistors routes the GPS signal to the i2c of the RPi.
Actually, if you are ok with using the USB port and connecting the micro USB of the RAK2013 to the RPi USB port and using this software - there will be no need to modify anything. Just the data communication will be over the USB. The speed is even better compared to the UART.