Modify the IOC file of LoraWan_End_Node

Hello everyone,
I’m new to RAK and to the forum.

I’m trying to follow the LL development guide and I was able to build and run the given example LoraWan_End_Node however when I tried to open the IOC file and generate code (without any change) I get build errors that prevent me to modify hardware config from the initialization code generator.

In particular I get errors
I’m using STM32cubeIDE 1.13.0 in MacOS with WL firmware 1.2.0.

One of the first error I get is the following:
“…/…/LoRaWAN/App/se-identity.h:222:25: error: ‘DATABLOCK_INT_KEY’ undeclared here (not in a function)”

Is this an known issue or do I miss some prerequisite?

I would appreciate if anyone can point me to the right direction.


Welcome to RAK forum @carlacda ,

Regenerating code with IOC file will override the modified radio files.

My suggestion is to apply the changes on the radio files after generating code in the IOC file.

Hi David,
Perhaps this will be useful to you:

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Many thanks for your suggestion.
I will have a look soon.