Momentary power cycle causes radio to stop working

I am using Custom PCB with RAK3172 with RUI3 4.0.1.

During testing by randomly turning power to the PCB off & on…I have good news and not so good news.
The good news: The RAK3172 has withstood many random power cycles and the firmware reboots.
Not so good news
I have found that a momentary power outage and restoration causes a reboot (as expected) but sometimes the LORA.P2P radio no longer receives any messages until an ATZ or hard reset occurs.

Any Ideas on this?
Using AT commands to see the P2P settings all appear correct. My firmware sets the device to a P2P continuous receiver and other P2P settings. But the radio won’t generate a receive event until ATZ or Hard reset again. The firmware is running as expected except for receiving radio events.

result1 = api.lorawan.nwm.set(0) ; …

result1 = api.lorawan.precv(65534);

What could be happening?
Could the radio possibly have a different Brownout level and not reset to it’s default setting and have corrupted settings?

Hi Pat,

I am not an STM32 expert, I will forward this to our R&D team.
What I know is that the STM32 MCU has different brownout levels that can be set. What I don’t know is how the LoRa transceiver that is embedded in the MCU is reset in these different brownout events.

Thanks @beegee .

Additional point… Running RUI3 3.5.3 on RAK3172 does not have this issue with Radio stopping on random power cycle.

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