New RAK7268 WisGate Edge Lite 2 Gateway vs. WisGate Edge Lite RAK7258 LORIOT setup


I was wondering if anyone has already tried to set up the new RAK7268 gateway on LORIOT and whether it is supported?

I have had a good experience with the RAK7258 and was wondering whether the RAK7268 would offer any advantages or disadvantages in comparison?

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Hi @Gauldblimey,
All of our WisGate Edge gateways will behave the same way connected to LORIOT.

Hi Nikola, it seems that the LORIOT packet forwarder provded for the 7258 gateway is not compatible with the 7268 gateway. According to your colleague Vladislav, . It is written with the SX1301 in mind which is in the RAK7258. The newer SX1302 in the RAK7268 is a bit different and they need to adapt the HAL.

I have messaged LORIOT but incase I don’t get a reply from them is there anything RAK can do to help me get the two 7268 gateways set up? If I had realised there was a compatibility issue I would have ordered the 7258 gateways instead which is why I asked on this forum.

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Hopefully they will update their image to support more recent (and far better) concentrator chips on these chassis designs. I’d expect they’ve probably worked with the sx1302 on other platforms by now.

In the meantime this suggests you might be able to get the gateways connected to their server using the legacy UDP protocol - which is less, ideal, but might work if you can get back to the boxes later when you do get custom software (I mean take the settings from this guide, the gateway already offers what’s essentially the semtech forwarder as an option, just configured from the gui rather than directly creating the json files)

Packet Forwarder Semtech - LoRaWAN Network Server Osprey (v7.x) - Documentation Hub

Or see if anyone with 7258’s wants to swap…

Thanks Chris, I’ll give Loriot a day or two to respond and if not I’ll try the legacy packet forwarding approach. Security isn’t a massive issue in this instance because of the remote location these gateways will be deployed in.

The topic will be continued here: Set up RAK 7268 on LORIOT