New RAK811 Arduino library

Hi all,

We’ve developed an Arduino library for RAK811, please have a look at the following repo on Github for more details:

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Hello Fomi,

I have tried the RAK811 LoRaWAN Arduino. I can see the activation signal in ttn network, but no payload data can be seen. In serial monitor, we get EV_JOIN_FAILED.

I use RAK 7243 pilot gateway, AS923

Is it problem in the gateway or the device ?


I found the problem.
Just put “LMIC_setClockError(MAX_CLOCK_ERROR * 1 / 100);” after LMIC_reset() and it’s worked fine to me!


Hello @Fomi,

As you can see in the figure above, the sending data is not regularly received by the ttn server.
Is it correct ?


Hi @mamanbudiman,

Really sorry for late.
We’re testing and debugging RAK811 Arduino firmware too recently. Yes, we find this issue too.
As we debug, it is because that the LoRaWAN arduino library hasn’t configure RAK811’s TX and RX correctly. So the RSSI and SNR is very bad.
We’re working on this issue now, if we resolve it, i’ll tell you ASAP.

Hello @Fomi,
I have a doubt about the guide on the github page: on step 7 it says

Download the *.bin, *.hex or *.elf file from the folder in the above path with JFlash,STM32CubeProgrammer,or any tool if it supports STM32 mcu.

I only have to download one, send it to the RAK811 with the STMCubeProgramer (or one of the other ones) and it will auto-connect when i re-open the serial port on the RAK Serial Port Tool? I keep getting no response from the board at all after downloading the files
EDIT: After i download the file (downloaded the .bin after the arduino sketch compilation) and restart the RAK811 all it prints is “S” on the Serial Port Tool and stops there, any idea what it might be?

Thanks in advance


Do you know why this happens?
I installed the library for arduino, but when I check for the RAK SERIAL PORT TOOL it stays there and does not advance, is there an error in the module?

the pin mapping is ok?

Hi @ivancho
yes,the pin mapping is right.Did you use the example code and didn’t modify any code?use it with wisblock+rak811 ? Micro USB power it?