No SubGHz interrupt on RAK3172


I use the RAK3172 module for a 434 MHz LoRa APRS application but I don´t get a SubGHz interrupt during transmission. The output from my code is the following:

Application version:    V1.3.0
Radio version:  V1.3.0

Radio settings
        LoRa Bandwidth: 125 kHz
        LoRa Spreading factor: 12
        LoRa Frequency: 433775000
Device reset...
Initialization successful!

I tested the code before on an STM32WL Nucleo and there it runs fine. So I think there is some issue with the port to the RAK platform.

What´s the reason for this issue?

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for sharing your work. However, I am not sure if we can help you substantially on this custom application. If there is any hardware support or clarification you need, we can help. But on the firmware side, we cannot (unless if it is based on RUI3).

Hi @carlrowan,

an STM32 employee has mentioned that I should ask the manufacturer :smiley:

Hi @kampi ,

Of course we are the manufacturer :sweat_smile:

Best assistance I can give you is give the schematic of RAK3172 so you can map the pins in the Nucleo board. I do not have the 4xx Mhz version of RAK3172 so cannot confirm the firmware you develop.

Hi @carlrowan

mmh but the interrupts are internal. The SubGHz Tx complete interrupt isn´t triggered. So it shouldn´t be an issue with the pinout?

That’s why you should ask STM, they are the manufacturer of the STM32WLE5 with the integrated LoRa transceiver.
We are only putting required electronic parts around it, put it on a PCB and put a metal cap on it.

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Ah - sorry I got the point wrong

What you can do, in our RUI3 API we support the 433MHz as well and RUI3 is open source. You can check for differences in your application and what we do with RUI3.

Hi @beegee,

I try it with another way by checking my demo code for the Nucleo board and then migrate it again to the WLE version.