Non-Windows environment for RAK4260 development

Hello community,
Has anyone had success with creating a development environment for RAK4260 / ATSAMR34L18 on Linux (or OS/X)?
I have tried several potential solutions (including raw ARM toolchain and MPLAB X) but with little success.
I have both a Microchip SNAP interface and a RAKDAP1. The former seems completely unable to support SAMR34, and following the quick-start guide for the latter I encounter fatal errors initializing pyocd (apparently the upon which it depends is broken.)
So, I’m looking for a (hopefully Eclipse-like) environment supporting a toolchain, debugger, and SWD interface device. Any suggestions appreciated!

You are definitely swimming against the current on this one.

I’m an Apple Developer since Mac Plus days but I’m also a Windows Certified Programmer. It took me all of five seconds to realise that I was going to make my life really hard trying to use anything other than Atmel Studio for the ATSAMR34 environment.

This, and some other applications that are heavily invested in the Windows world, means I have a virtual Windows 7 machine on my iMac & MacBook for this sort of thing.

I realise you’d rather not, I’d rather not, but sometimes you have to kiss the frog to get the prince/princess.

First thing to realize is that Atmel studio uses GCC, so the compilation problem is quite solvable, it’s just a matter of project setup.

In terms of flashing, that can probably be achieved too (certainly done it with other members of the SAM family) but getting a new chip going may take some experienced fine tuning of openocd. pycod is supposedly more able to just run with manufacturer support packs… Essentially to pursue this path one has to be willing to respond to the discovery of “fatal errors” by considering exactly what they are, why they are happening, and researching the solution.

Get stuff to work from the command line before you go IDE shopping

What a windows setup would be useful for is first making sure the hardware actually works