Notecard Outboard Firmware Updates with RAK13102


I have the RAK13102 (Notecard carrier) and the RAK11200-C Espressif WisCore and Notecard WBGLW (Cell+WiFi). I’d like to use the Notecard Outboard Firmware Update feature of Notecard to OTA update firmware on the ESP32.

I’ve looked through the schematics, and it looks like the required signals (ALT_DFU_BOOT, ALT_DFU_RESET, ALT_DFU_TX/TXD0, ALT_DFU_RX/RXD0) are present (pins 11,12,13 and 23 on the WisConnector) to be able to control the BOOT0, RESET and UART0_TX/UART0_RX of the espressif module. However, in the schematic, it looks as though they are not connected on the RAK13102 unless a resistor/solder jumper is added.

I’ve looked closely at the RAK13102 board, but I don’t see where I can make the modifications.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Many thanks!

We added the option, but we never had time to test it, so we do not officially support or document it.
The resistors are on the top side of the PCB, all 0 Ohm
Some of them can be assigned to different nets.

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Thank you @beegee for the information, now I know a little more.

Looking at the board, it seems most of them are depopulated, which of course makes sense. I’ll solder the bridges required and will let you know how it goes.

This will be crucial for our product for OTA firmware updates, as well as for automated hardware-in-loop testing.

Could you tell me the part number or size (E.g. 0805, 0603 etc…) for these 0 ohm resistors? I looked for a BOM but didn’t find it.

Thanks in advance!

Size 0402
Manufacturer Yageo
Part number RC0402JR-070RL

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