Orderable Part Numbers?

I need to have my PCB fabricator order in a bunch of RAK3172, US915, no IPEX.

I can’t find an orderable part number anywhere. It’s not in the datasheet.

Any idea where I can find it?

Welcome to RAK forum @mdredmond711 ,

If you go to our store, you have to select on drop down No IPEX then US915. We have internal PIDs for this.

In addition, the ordering PN might be different depending who is your vendor (in case you are not using store.rakwireless.com).

There has to be a part number, no? What if I was ordering through distribution? What part number do I order? My PCB manufacturer isn’t ordering through the RAK store. They’re going to order through distribution.

You order using the SKU. The SKU is unique for each variant of the RAK3172

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Okay. Let’s make this easy. Since you don’t have a part number that I can order through a distributor, I can order direct and have you ship it to my board fabricator in China. If I order direct from you, will it ship FROM China?

Yes that is possible @mdredmond711 . We do that approach to many customers. You can send your order number and details where to ship in our customer support page.