Power Consumption Problem in RAK3172

Hello guys,

I was using RAK3172 LOW LEVEL DEVELOPMENT Reference (SDK), but i have an issue about it, that ı cannot solve. When i use RAK3172 with AT-SLAVE MODE i can see 2 microAmpers but when i use My Custom firmware, i can only see 2 milliAmpers. What is the problem with it? Did anyone see the same issue?

Are you using STOP-Mode2 in your custom firmware?

In StandbyMode… i am working on. That is everything that i know about it. I think there is a issue about it.

Could it be that the Radio is always ON in your custom code?

I think that is my problem, so can you help me how can i solve it? Is it enough to active Stop2mode in order to make radio always ‘OFF’? Can you give me any sample code for it?

@carlrowan I have a similar problem.#define DEBUGGER_ON 0, #define LOW_POWER_DISABLE 0 .When I measure like this, I see 300-600uA. #define LOW_POWER_DISABLE 1 .When I do I see 2-3mA. in 1.0.0 software I only changed these.I can’t find how to lower 1.69uA. Can you help with this?

The 1.69uA on our specs is based on RAK firmware. If you are working on your own custom firmware, you have to look on the things that might be on or configured to consume more current like speed of GPIO, on peripherals, etc.

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I will review.Thank you

Dear @beko
I’m in a similar situation using a RAK3272 breakout board (just the RAK3172; nothing else connected).
I’m getting 200uA in idle with the LoRaWAN end node STM32 skeleton adapted to RAK3172:

Did you solve this issue?

As a general STM32 node, make sure you don’t have Serial adapters and/or SWD programmers (ST-Link V2) connected ad some current might leak through those pins. From my experience, when ST-Link V2 is connected, it always adds about 400uA to the power consumption.

Thanks @Wisen
Yes I’ve already noticed that the st-link takes about 400uA, and the serial interface gives about 150uA.

I’ve been able to get 1.5uA tying the RX pin of UART2 to GND.

More information here: