Programming Arduino RAK 3172 code on Seeed LoRa E5?

Hello, I want to convert a running on RAK3172 (Arduino IDE RUI3) code to run on a Seed LoRa E5 module.
How can this be done?
Both modules have a STM32WLE5xx inside, the only difference that I know ist that LoRa E5 has a TCXO added, which ist switched by PB0.
What changes I have to make in the code or in the Arduino IDE settings to get the RAK3172 code running on LoRA E5?

Welcome to the forum @Kalle

I am sorry, but we do not know the differences between the Seed LoRa E5 and the RAK3172 and cannot help you with this.

Thanks for your answer.
Are there examples how to program the RAK3172 with the STM Cube IDE?
A Lora example or similar?
Or any other STM Cube IDE project?

There are some community projects for the RAK3172.
I think the best one (and working) are mentioned in these posts: