Proper Order of RUI APIs to send data through cellular

I am trying to use the RUI APIs to send the chip data to a certain IP address and am having trouble knowing what order to call the APIs. Any advice?

Welcome to RAK forum @kalvin_W :slight_smile:

What cellular module do you use?
Can you share the RUI code you are having trouble with?
Do you have any serial logs that can possibly tell use the error?

Btw, RUI examples are here and should be a good start

I am using the RAK 5010. I am trying to use the APIs like


and the other ones like it. I am not sure what order to call them in and the examples on Github do not have anything demonstrating this.

What are the functions I need to use to have the chip automatically send data to a certain IP address?

Hi Kevin, have you used successfully the default FW of RAK5010 and its AT commands? If yes, you can check the implementation of it RUI code here.

Check here at.c and app_task.c. That should be helpful to you :+1: