Python version of Decoder for RAK7204 sensor's data for Chirpstack

Issue: Need a Python version of decoder for RAK7204 sensor data for Chirpstack

Details: Hi all,
I need a Python version of decoder for RAK7204 sensor’s data for Chirpstack, is there any Python version for that?
Thank you very much in advance

I’ve not seen any decoders published in Python but if you know Python it’s pretty simple to translate the JS in to Python.

Do you know Python?

@nmcc Thank you very much for your reply.
Yes. but I need an sample of sensor Data to check the code in Python, and I do not have that. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me in this regard.
What is the type of data sensor send, I mean the input of code.
Do someone have a sample of sensor data as input of that JavaScript code?
Thank you very much in advance

You can generate sample data by using your very own RAK7204.

And you can use the pre-made JS decoder as a reference.

And you can see all about it in the documentation for the device: RAKwireless Documentation Center

Remember, someone spent hours creating the documentation …

@nmcc Thank you very much for your reply.
Yes, but I cannot generate sample data by my RAK7204 now because as I live in a student residence there is a passphrase-protected Ethernet connection and I can not connect my Kerlink gateway to the internet via Ethernet to send sensor data because connection needs to enter username and pasword. because of that I would greatly appreciate it if someone could send me that.
and yes I read the documentation, found it very helpful and saw the JavaScript code in that, but I need a Python version of that.

Thank you very much

The link provides a sample download plus a worked example:

For this example, the payload is : 08 02 01 63 07 68 4B 06 73 25 9E 02 67 01 15 04 02 22 72 04 02 22 72

With lots and lots of details on each of the segments so a decoder can be written.

As I said, I’m not aware of a Python decoder so YOU are going to have to write it if you want one.

You won’t learn anything if you have it all handed to you.

But I guess part of the barrier is that you haven’t told us if you know how to code in Python. Or JavaScript.

What is the course you are on?

thank you very much I saw that Hexadecimal example.

Feel free to respond to my questions above, then I’ll be motivated to move things further forward with you. But until you do, we seem to be enjoying some temporal loop.


And it’s not about being a professional, it’s about how much you can code, confidence, basic concepts.