RAK 11300 with Arduino IDE

Hi friends, please I need support from someone, I designed a PCB with RAK11300 module, and SWD port to upload programs, but I don,t have success, I am using Arduino IDE, using libraries and wisblock RAK 11300 board installed, but I don,t have connection with PCB, I am using STLINK V2. please help, to resolve that problem.

thanks in advance.

Lenin Morejon

Perhaps share first your wiring diagrams including the stlink part as there are no magician here :smiley:

Hi Vincen, yes of course. I have RAK11300 Lora WAN module with SWD port (Vcc, SCLK, SDIO, GND), in that port I am connecting STLINK V2, to upload firmware, and I am using 2 GPIO with leds, and USART 1 to communicate a energy meter, by now I want upload blink sketch, I select in Arduino IDE board, Wisblock RAK11300 board and STMicroelectronic STLink, but doesn´t appears port to select it.

best kind regards

Lenin Morejon

I am not sure you can directly flash an application through STLink from Arduino IDE. The tools provided with the BSP are using the USB connection to update a firmware. I do not have a STLink, but I flashed modules (other than the RAK11300) over SWD with our RAKDAP1 DAPLink adapter.

I see two possible options
a) breakout the USB pins of the RAK11300 on your custom board and connect to the board using the USB
b) search for the generated hex files (somewhere in a weird temporary path in C:\Users\<YOUR_NAME>\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_xxxxxx and try to flash them with STLink

Thanks a lot dear Bernd, I will follow your instructions, and I will give you the results.

Lenin Morejon

Hi Bernd,I had to wired USB port in the RAK11300 module, and it is working very well, I can upload firmware using Arduino IDE.

thanks a Lot

Lenin Morejon

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Hello Lenin,

I am glad I could help.

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