RAK 3172 Power consumtion; STOP Mode 2; Low Level Development


with a RAK3272S Breakout Board i testet the low level development

RAK3172 Module Low Level Development Reference | RAKwireless Documentation Center

with STM32WL SDK v1.2.0 (STM32 IDE V1.10.1)

I acitivated the I2C-Bus like I2C2 from the Board (PIN 11 and PIN 12).

The LoRaWAN-Communication is working fine!

My problem is now, that in STOP MODE (time between two transmits) the power consumtion is about 450 µA, but i expected something like 2 µA!

What must i change to get a lower powerconsumtion?



Hi @Schulz ,

We cannot fully support your low level development since it is based on ST SDK. But we have few discussions on that already, you can have a look here:

However, you can have a look on our default firmware as well based on RUI3 (which has low sleep current by default). Checking it might be helpful with your application