RAK 3172 SiP board info

What is STM32 chip is the RAK 3172 SiP based on? The datasheet says STM32WLE5CC whereas all the other places say STM32WLE5JC.

Where did you find the STM32WLE5CC? If it is somewhere in our documentation we need to correct it.
But I cannot find it.
The RAK3172-SiP documents say it is STM32WLE5JC

It says STM32WLE5CC on the rak news hub and store.

Thanks, I asked our web team to correct it.

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Hi Experts,

I have tested the 3172-SIP breakoutboard with powersaving arduino example. and unlike the RAK3272S, this one has quite higher slip current at 4 micro Amps. The 3172 breakout board however acheives 1.5 mico Amps.
Is that normal for RAK31272-SIP breakout?

Any comments on this please?

Did you select RAK3172-SiP when you compiled the code?
With powersaving arduino example, do you mean the System_Powersave.ino example?
What RUI3 version?

From RUI3 version 4.0.x on there is a function api.system.lpm.set(1); . Try to add it in void setup() to force low power mode.